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Age-Appropriate Yard Work and Garden Tools for Your Kids

Spend time with your kids and get them interested in activities like yard work and gardening by working outside together. Teaching your kids some of the basics of yard work can make it a fun activity for the whole family. To keep everyone safe and still be productive, follow these lawn care tips for letting your kids help with you outdoors.

Good outdoor activities for kids

Planting a garden with your children is a great way to teach them about how things grow. Purchasing garden tools for your kids can help get them excited about doing yard work.

If you plant an edible garden, your children will get to see first-hand how seeds turn into food. You can have them pick fruits, vegetables and herbs from the garden. Then, you can use these fresh ingredients to prepare a healthy meal.

You can even reserve a special section of your garden for your children and let them decide what to plant. Having their own space in the garden will motivate your kids to do yard work. They will take pride in their section and want it to be a success. (Tip: Encourage them to choose fast-growing plants, like radishes and lettuce. The early progress will help keep them interested.)

Choosing the right garden tools for your kids

Kids’ yard work tools are safer and easier for your children to use than ones made for adults. Plus, having tools that look and work like yours will give your children a sense of pride. You may want to consider purchasing a set that includes a variety of kids’ yard work tools, such as a rake, hoe, shovel and watering can. This will give your children more options for activities in the yard.

Here are some tips to help you select kids’ yard work tools that are appropriate for your children’s sizes, ages and skills:

  • Safety: Check the minimum age requirement to ensure the tools do not have small parts that could be a choking hazard. Even if the garden tools were made for kids, make sure they do not have sharp parts that could hurt your children.
  • Weight: The tools should be light enough for your children to use with ease.
  • Quality: In addition to being lightweight, the tools should be sturdy enough to last. Be sure they were designed for real yard work – not just playtime.
  • Handle size: Make sure your children are able to get a good grip on the tool handles. 

Age-appropriate kids’ yard work

No matter how old your children are, they can help in the garden. Here are some examples of yard work for kids of all ages:

Preschoolers: Children as young as preschoolers can use kids’ yard tools, such as watering cans and shovels, to water plants and dig holes. They will also have fun picking flowers to make bouquets. Just make sure they know what and when they are allowed to pick.

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