Hi and welcome! This is our gardening blog. We are located in the suburbs of a major Metropolitan area.

The goal of this blog is to share our passion with the world, and also to provide tips we’ve learned through our experiences and others. We plan to cover both gardening and landscape design.

We enjoy writing and meeting new people.  Our hope is that this blog will provide a meeting-place of sorts, where we can exchange ideas and knowledge that make our lives a little simpler and a lot more fun.

Our goal is to encourage you, in every aspect of being a gardener from sharing recipes and kitchen shortcuts to the best plans for that patch of brown; all to make life a little more fun and easier.  We hope to share everything we learn along the way, too.  Over time, we want this website to be a one-stop information guide for the things that matter to all of us – living abundantly on a frugal budget, loving our families and our God and ways to make our job at home enjoyable, productive and interesting.  I hope you will find much to encourage you here.

Our Affiliate Disclosure

We will also be sharing product reviews.  The views and opinions expressed when we write a review are wholly our own.  The product is provided to us at no cost, so that we may review it. You can always have confidence that what you read is our honest and true opinions whether favorable or unfavorable, and unless otherwise stated, we have not received monetary compensation for writing the review.  Although we have currently not accepted any, we may at some point accept  paid promotional posts for a product, and that it is a paid post would be clearly stated on the page.  Payment for a post will in no way alter our commitment to give honest and true opinions of a product.  Our highest concern with this blog is your ability to rely on the information you receive here and trust the integrity and honesty with which we write it.

Coupons, along with great deals and offers, not only save us money, but with this site we have been able to affiliate with some of their providers, to earn some income.  While it is a minimal amount, any amount is a blessing.  Over the course of time, as readers click on links, print coupons or register for offers and newsletters through the links provided here, we accumulate credits.

Finally, while we have not yet done so, I will accept paid advertising to help offset the costs of this website and earn income.  Again, any advertising will meet our standards before being accepted.  That means it needs to be relevant to families and fit well with our theme. We reserve the right to accept or reject any and all advertising.

Contact us at any time at planvegetablegarden.com@gmail.com

This disclosure was last updated May 13, 2012.